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Rivertown Players, Inc. wouldn't exist without our community of members. In knowing that we'd like to take the opportunity to recognize them here and share how amazing they are. We love them and we hope you do too!
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May 2024

Jamie Haney in the spotlight

Name: Jamie Haney

Show Credits:

"Little Becky Two Shoes -Urinetown the Musical, Sister Mary Amnesia -Nunsense, the Mega Musical Version, Sleeping Beauty Kids -Director"


"Reading, board games, hiking, watching Jeopardy"

How long have you been with RTP?:

"20 years!"

Fun Fact:

"One time I sang Let It Go in French in front of my entire class for extra credit"

Favorite RTP Memory:

"Spending every summer with my RTP fam when I was in school and directing JR shows with sister, Shea!"

Favorite Thing(s) About RTP:

"The people! It's like having a second family."

Thoughts for Potential Members:

"Come join the fun! We would love to have you!"

Anything Else?:

"I work in teen services and marketing at the Aurora Public Library District. I love working with kids and getting them comfortable in a library setting and instilling a love of reading in them!"

December 2023

Mimi Ridlen in the spotlight

Name: Mimi Ridlen

Show Credits:

The Addam's Family as Morticia


"I love to play with makeup and skincare in my free time! I also love to sing (especially karaoke with friends!), discover a new movie or tv show to obsess over, and snuggle with my cats."

How long have you been with RTP?:

"[The Addam's Family was] my first show with RTP!"

Fun Fact:

"I have a part time job getting to make children very happy at birthday parties dressing up as their favorite princess/character! I love how much I get to bring magic into their lives ✨"

Favorite RTP Memory:

"Even though I’ve only been a part of RTP for a short period, I’ve loved getting to know Doug Bruening! He’s an amazing scene partner! (he played Gomez and totally brings the role to life)"

Favorite Thing(s) About RTP:

"The welcoming atmosphere. I’m fairly new to the area, and I was looking to get back into performing after the pandemic. My nerves from not knowing anyone completely melted away when I went into the audition room."

Thoughts for Potential Members:

"If you’re looking for a welcoming and nonjudgmental environment where you are free to create and be yourself, why not give RTP a try?"

October 2023

Kayci L. Schmidt in the spotlight

Name: Kayci L. Schmidt

Show Credits: The Murder Mystery at the Murder Mystery as Holly/Mrs. Polk; Little Women as the Hag/Ensemble; 9-5 as the Candy Striper/Ensemble

Hobbies: "I like to read, hang out with family, and do word puzzles. I also enjoy researching genealogy and history. (I'm an old soul in a middle-aged body)"

How long have you been with RTP?: "This is my fourth year."

Fun Fact: "I can trace a branch of my family back to the 1000s."

Favorite RTP Memory: "This is the second theatre group I've worked with since moving here 10 years ago. The first was okay, but I always felt like an outsider. I remember thinking toward the end of my first show with RTP that I belonged here; these were my people. Everyone was so welcoming. Now they'll never get rid of me!"

Favorite Thing(s) About RTP: "The camaraderie. Every show brings new friends while catching up with old ones."

Thoughts for Potential Members: "We celebrate crazy and quirky! There's a place for everyone in our circle."

Anything Else?: "I'm an Autism paraeducator at Stephen's Elementary on Burlington, KY. I have two spoiled, senior cats, Isis-17 and Merlynn-12."

August 2023

Penny Britton in the spotlight

Name: Penny Britton

Show Credits: The Murder Mystery at the Murder Mystery; Annie, Jr.; 9 to 5

Hobbies: "Kayaking, fostering dogs and doing my nails"

How long have you been with RTP?: "Since Little Shop of Horrors in 2017"

Fun Fact: "I am a set/hair/makeup designer now but my actual area of most experience in theater is music, I'm a classically trained violinist!"

Favorite RTP Memory: "Last summer when we did 9 to 5 I spent the show creating with my three older children and my husband. Both of my oldest children had roles in the show and one had production role, my husband had a role and was my Master Carpenter and my middle child was in the booth running a board. We together made props, painted, brainstormed and created all summer and it was wonderful. I will remember that summer forever with love ??"

Favorite Thing(s) About RTP: "The people!!! I have made my closest friends in life here, we are a community and a family ??"

Thoughts for Potential Members: "You don't have to sing, dance or act to be a part of theater! Every role in a production is important and there is a role for everyone in theater. Back stage, in the booth, front of house, advertising, painting, fundraising, we need it all! Ask how you can be a part, I know you won't regret it."

Anything Else?: "We have a board meeting every month at Hamline Chapel that's open to all current members, it's the best way to stay involved when a show isn't running so I highly encourage everyone to come! Days and times are listed on the website."

June 2023

Erin McKinney in the spotlight

Name: Erin McKinney

Show Credits: 9 to 5, 2022; Murder Mystery at the Murder Mystery, 2022; The Addams Family, 2023

Hobbies: "Voice lessons, movie nerd (Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter), [spend] time with friends"

How long have you been with RTP?: "2 years"

Fun Fact: "I love to travel to New York and catch as many musicals as possible. I have seen countless shows both on broadway and locally and love to add to my playbill collection."

Favorite RTP Memory: "Meeting new people in 9 to 5 that have become lifelong friends"

Favorite Thing(s) About RTP: "Meeting people that I wouldn't have normally, dancing with Kari Zengerling again after high school"

Thoughts for Potential Members: "Be open to everyone. You never know who these people are going to become in your life after a show."

Anything Else?: "I am attending NKU next fall to continue my education and will be earning a Bachelor in Music Education to one day hopefully teach choir to children."

March 2023

Sara Bijayananda in the spotlight

Name: Sara Bijayananda

Show Credits: Princess Fred in Once Upon a Mattress; Lowbutt in Honk!; Violet in 9 to 5 the Musical

Hobbies: "Musical theater is my favorite hobby. I love watching shows and singing showtunes and performing onstage. I have been enjoying a new hobby this year and taking tap dancing lessons with some friends I made in RTP! I like to read and listen to podcasts. Our family is also into boardgames! Of course I love spending time with my husband and 3 wonderful children."

How long have you been with RTP?: "I joined RTP in 2009, when my dear friend Ryan asked me to audition for Music Man with him. I'm so glad that he did!"

Fun Fact: "I love to travel. I have been to Nepal, where my husband is from, and am going back very soon!"

Favorite RTP Memory: "I have so many treasured memories from my time with RTP! A special one that comes to mind was during rehearsals for 9 to 5. It was during tech week, so pretty close to showtime, and I was putting a lot of pressure on myself to do a good job. During a duet, I opened my mouth to sing and nothing came out. Mike, my scene partner, and I ended up breaking into the biggest giggle fit that we could not recover from. It helped me loosen up and enjoy the process, and it actually took some of the pressure off because I figured I couldn't mess up any worse than that!"

Favorite Thing(s) About RTP: "Having a creative outlet has been wonderful, but what I treasure most is the friends that I have made! RTP has so many special members, and they all have a special place in my heart."

Thoughts for Potential Members: "No matter what your talents are, there is something important that you can contribute to musical theater! You will discover new things within yourself that you never knew were there. You will do more than you ever thought possible. And you will meet people that you can't believe you ever lived without."